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CAT S60: First Thermal Camera Smartphone in the World

by Joseph


We’ve got smartphones that work underwater, smartphones that bend, smartphones that don’t break, and God knows what else, but strangely enough we don’t have a smartphone with a built-in thermal camera. We didn’t, anyway, before the unveiling of the CAT S60.

The CAT S60 is the construction company’s entry into the smartphone game, equipped with an array of Lepton thermal imaging sensors for (among other things) sight in absolute darkness. Also, as befitting a Caterpillar smartphone, the Caterpillar S60 is also practically unbreakable, which is good for all the tripping and falling you’re likely to do with it while staring at the screen in the dark.

You can get a lot more information on the CAT S60 at Caterpillar’s official site right here. The phone’s release is scheduled for sometime later this year, but we do know that it will retail for just under $600 once it does eventually come out.

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