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CasusGrill: A Totally Biodegradable Disposable Grill

by Joseph


The phrase “disposable grill” gets abused a little bit out in the marketplace, since most of these disposable grills will collect dust in a compost heap for decades rather than being truly disposed of, in the global sense. But CasusGrill, fresh off winning a “Feel Good” 2017 Danish Design Award, is different.

CasusGrill is a completely biodegradable disposable grill, made with Greystoke-approved materials liks FSC-certified cardboard, raw bamboo, and lava stone. The Oxilite bamboo charcoal briquettes that actually do the grilling are biodegradable too, and you can either bury them after you’re done grilling or use them to heat up a bonfire. Either way, Mother Nature will thank you.

Billed as “the instant biodegradable barbecue,” you can check out CasusGrill at The Fowndry right here, where you can also pre-order a grill for just around eight bucks American. And your Captain Planet power ring will be arriving in the mail separately.

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