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Castor Double-Flavored Gourmet Toothpicks (Video)

by Joseph
Gourmet toothpicks

Gourmet toothpicks

You might not have realized it yet, but reportedly toothpicks are “making a huge comeback.” That’s the word from PhoodStation, anyway, who happen to be the makers of the Castor, a new kind of toothpick for people who have grown bored with the usual thin splinter of wood that usually passes for a toothpick.

The Castor is a double-flavored variant on the toothpick, with flavor powder and aromatic ingredients infused into the body of the pick. It’s also thicker and longer than the standard–sized toothpick. The Castor comes in a whopping ten different flavor options – or at least it will if its fundraising goal is reached. Those flavors include Habanero & Honey, Dill Pickle & Mustard, Marshmallow & Smoke, Kumquat & Beet, and many more.

The Castor’s aforementioned fundraising project is currently on Kickstarter, with about two and a half weeks left to raise the remaining $25,000 of PhoodStation’s goal. So if you want to feel the Castor toothpick in between your molars, check out its Kickstarter page here. ¬†And if you’re still not convinced, there’s a video about the Castor that you can see below.



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