Home Entertainment ‘Castlevania’: Animated Series Based on Video Game Coming to Netflix (Trailer)

‘Castlevania’: Animated Series Based on Video Game Coming to Netflix (Trailer)

by Joseph


As far as classic, golden age video games go, Castlevania has to have one of the most eminently filmable premises: Simon Belmont comes to Prince Dracula’s castle, is confronted by all manner of horrible beasts that he dispatches with a variety of weapons (including, primary, his trademark whip), before killing Dracula himself.

So it makes sense that Castlevania is now coming to Netflix, in an anime-style animated series written Warren Ellis. And if the trailer for the series is any indication, this show will be more than respectful of its video game roots, going all the way back to the release of the original game on the NES in 1986.

You can take a look at the teaser for the upcoming animated series Castlevania below. The first season of the show comes to Netflix in July, while the second season – reportedly already on the way – is coming sometime in 2018.

Here’s the teaser:

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