Home Entertainment ‘Castle Rock’: Stephen King TV Series Gets Teaser (Video)

‘Castle Rock’: Stephen King TV Series Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
Castle Rock

Castle Rock

The work of horror novelist Stephen King has been adapted for movies and television countless times, to the point where people who have never read a word of his work can still have a conversant understanding of it (and I don’t just mean from Creepshow, although that certainly doesn’t hurt). One thing the movies and TV shows miss is the sometimes interconnected nature of the books, which is one reason the upcoming Hulu series Castle Rock exists.

Castle Rock is said by its creator to be an original serialized story that nevertheless “brushes up against the characters” from King’s most well-known works, but the basic idea is that it’s sort of a cinematic universe for the characters of Stephen King. A teaser for the show is now online:


Castle Rock, according to this teaser, will come to Hulu sometime next year, arriving as the streaming service’s second King adaptation after 11/22/63.

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