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Cassette Store Day is Coming on October 14th

by Joseph
White Stripes Cassette Store Day

White Stripes Cassette Store Day

It’s important in these troubled times to take a moment and appreciate your local, uh, cassette store. That’s the principle behind Cassette Store Day, which is coming to a host of independent music stores all around the country this Saturday. If you have a cassette player in your house from the golden age, it may be a unique opportunity to stock up your collection on some new stuff.

What kind of new stuff? The highest-profile reissue for Cassette Store Day undoubtedly comes from The White Stripes, who are reissuing their first three albums – The White Stripes, De Stijl, and White Blood Cells – on white cassette tape for the very first time (in any color). But there are a plethora of other, lesser-known artists delivering some sweet cassette tape swag as well.

Get the full list of participating artists and record, uh, sorry, cassette stores at the Cassette Store Day site right here.

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