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Casio MT-G: Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches (Photos)

by Joseph
Casio MT-G

The signature of the Casio line of G-Shock digital watches has always been durability. But the company has come out with a new line of G-Shocks that take this to an unprecedented level, thanks to a material that one doesn’t usually think of in association with the G-Shock brand: Metal. It’s the Casio MT-G collection – MT-G being short for “Metal Twisted G-Shock.”

The Casio MT-G watches aren’t just G-Shock’s with metal casings. These are fully analog timepieces under the G-Shock brand name, which automatically makes them classier and more elegant than the usual G-Shock – and an easier fit for those occasions when a digital watch just isn’t appropriate. Then there’s that durability thing, which is definitely intact in the Casio MT-G collection, resistant to shocks, gravity, and “violent vibrations.”

You can take a look at the three watches that make up the Casio MT-G collection in the gallery underneath these words. And for more information on the collection, including info on where to buy (starting at $900), head over to the Casio MT-G website here.

Here are the pics:

Casio MT-GCasio MT-GCasio MT-GCasio MT-GCasio MT-GCasio MT-GCasio MT-G

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