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Casio G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400 Digital Smartwatch

by Joseph
Casio G-Shock G'Mix GBA-400

Casio G-Shock G'Mix GBA-400

You might think that the classic Casio G-Shock line of distinctive digital watches are at odds with the new generation of smartwatches that are coming out all the time. But you’d be wrong, and the Casio G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400 is the latest piece of evidence in that regard.

The “G’Mix” in Casio G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400 refers to the G’Mix smartphone music app, which allows for increased customization in music playback through the watch, which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. One of the more interesting G’Mix features is its “sound field” setting, which lets you reproduce the acoustical ambiance of a variety of real-life music venues right in your headphones.

The G’Mix app also lets you control the Casio G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400’s settings from your smartphone, which is a possible upgrade from fiddling with old G-Shocks’ buttons and dials. For more information on the watch, you can check out the website from Casio here that focuses on the GBA-400’s music-related features.

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