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Casio G-Shock 2012 Brand Book Unveiled

by Joseph

casio g-shock dw6900cr

Casio is in the midst of a big 30th anniversary celebration, and they’ve unveiled a whole bunch of new watches in honor of the occasion. Most exciting is probably the new entries in the 6900 series of iPhone and smartphone compatible G-Shock watches.

For example, there’s the new DW6900CR Crocodile (image above), which has a visual design that attempts to replicate crocodile skin patterns.  It is a pretty cool and exotic look, and it will only cost you a fraction of what you would spend on real crocodile skin.

There’s also a bunch of new colorways in addition to the brand new designs, so this month is as good a time as any to check out your local Casio G-Shock retailer.

For a closer look at the entire Casio G-Shock 2012 Brand Book, click here.


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