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Casio EX-FR10 Action Camera

by Joseph
Casio EX-FR10

Casio EX-FR10

I guess everyone has plenty of action in their lives that’s worth recording, because the market for action cameras in the vein of the GoPro is exploding. Newest to the block is Casio, which recently unveiled their entry into the action camera game, the wearable (not to mention detachable) EX-FR10.

The most notable distinguishing feature of the Casio EX-FR10 is that the lens and the screen are both detachable, and can be operated on their own. On the lens side, there’s a f2.8 lens that captures 14 megapixel photos and 1080p resolution video, while the touchscreen-operated controller holds your work safely via MicroSD.

Unfortunately for Stateside adventurers, the Casio EX-FR10 is only officially slated for release in Japan sometime this year, but a North American release is planned and should be announced sometime soon. So keep an eye out for more details at the official Casio website right here.

(via Hypebeast)


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