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‘Casa Brutale’: A House Built Right Into the Side of a Cliff

by Joseph
Casa Brutale

Casa Brutale

The people at architecture firm Open Platform Architecture have released plans for a very cool project they’ve named Casa Brutale. The house will be built directly into a huge cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, with only the house’s rooftop, glass-bottomed swimming pool visible from the ground.

According to the plans, sunlight will shine through the rooftop pool in such a way that will make those inside Casa Brutale feel like they’re underwater (hopefully it’s a subtle effect, otherwise that might get old pretty quick). The glass surfaces continue with the wall sticking out of the face of the cliff, offering a previously impossible view of the Aegean Sea.

Unfortunately, OPA is still looking for investors to fund Casa Brutale, so it might remain just a dream unless someone rich and adventurous decides they belong there. For more, check out the Business Insider article on the project right here.

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