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Caruso: A Wireless Gramophone From Newblack

by Joseph


You don’t really hear much about gramophones anymore, but contrary to what you might think the field is still alive even though it’s almost 2016. Take, for example, Caruso, a wireless gramophone from Newblack that combines cutting edge tech with the old-school audio horn design. Gramophones clearly aren’t just for Miss Havisham’s dilapidated old house anymore.

Caruso, named for the legendary opera singer, has a ceramic horn that amplifies sounds just like the ones on gramophones a hundred years ago were designed to, but this item’s 50W Class D amplifier and Bluetooth 4.0 receiver means that the sounds coming out of the horn are far from restricted to ancient LPs. Each one is crafted by hand in Italy, with a variety of different customization choices available.

You can check out Caruso at Newblack’s official site right here. Prices start at $2,950 and go up from there depending on which options you decide to opt for.

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