Home Entertainment ‘Cars 3’: New Trailer for Upcoming Pixar Sequel (Video)

‘Cars 3’: New Trailer for Upcoming Pixar Sequel (Video)

by Joseph
Cars 3

Cars 3

Children all over the world were reported to be horrified by early teasers for Cars 3, which appeared to hint that Lightning McQueen might finally pass on to the great used car lot in the sky. Disney has evidently backpedaled (so to speak) on this point, promising youngsters and their emotionally involved parents that Lightning will indeed survive, and the new official trailer for the movie is a little bit more optimistic than previous promotional materials had been.

Personally, my ideal version of Cars 3 would answer some of my own burning questions about the Pixar franchise—like, where do the cars come from? Do they reproduce sexually? What happened to all the humans? Who designed the cars? And so on.  But it appears that instead the movie will focus on a racetrack redemption story for Lightning McQueen.

Watch the trailer for Cars 3 below. The movie comes out on June 16th, 2017, and you can check out its official site here in the meantime.

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