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Carry On Cocktail Kits for FAA-Approved Drinking

by Joseph
Carry On Cocktail Kits

Carry On Cocktail Kits

Ever since air travel security tightened up back in 2001, the scourge of everyone who likes to get drunk on airplanes (and honestly, who doesn’t?) has been the rule that you can’t bring any containers of liquid through security. Now, there’s finally a solution that doesn’t involve guzzling an entire bottle of scotch before going through security screening – Carry On Cocktail Kits.

As the name suggests, Carry On Cocktail Kits are a way for people to make more involved cocktails than the simple beverages generally available on flights. And they even include extras like coasters, spoons, and recipe cards, as well as different ingredients depending on which variety you choose.

Those three varieties are The Old Fashioned, The Gin & Tonic, and The Moscow Mule, and each one of the Carry On Cocktail Kits are available here for $24 a piece. Short of getting in a time machine and traveling by air in the 1960s, then time-warping back to the present day once you’ve reached your destination, they’re your best bet for drinking and flying this holiday season.

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