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Carlos Slim, World’s Richest Man, Predicts 3-Day Work Week

by Joseph
Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim

When the richest man in the world says something related to the business world, it might be tempting to assume he knows what he’s talking about. That’s especially if that man is Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim, and his prediction for the future is a positive one, as Slim recently reenforced his belief that the 3-day work week will eventually become the new standard.

Before your eyes glaze over with dreams of luxurious four-day weekends, you should know that Carlos Slim has a few caveats in mind. For one, he sees work shifts as extending from the usual eight hours up to 11, and the retirement age stretching up to 75. But his heart is still in the right place, as he claims that the people of the working world are just spending too much time working: “You should have more time for you during all of your life — not when you’re 65 and retired.”

That quotation comes from a recent interview Carlos Slim gave to CNNMoney, which you can get more details about here. And if you’re reading this at work, just imagine that Wednesday could be the new Friday, and 8 PM the new 5 PM, if Carlos Slim gets his druthers.

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