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Carbon3D: The Liquid 3D Printer (Video)

by Joseph


3D printing is still in its infancy in terms of reaching its full potential, but it turns out there’s already a faster and cooler alternative to traditional 3D printing. It’s liquid 3D printing, represented by the incredible Carbon3D 3D printer.

Liquid 3D printing utilizes some magical/scientific combination of liquid resin, oxygen, and (of course) lasers to create solid models akin to those produced by a regular old 3D printer. The process is called Continuous Liquid Interface Production, and it’s faster, and perhaps more importantly for our purposes it’s a lot cooler to watch, which is why it’s so interesting to see the Carbon3D 3D printer in action.

You can do just that by checking out a recently released demonstration video of the Carbon3D 3D printer below. And you can get a lot more information on it and Continuous Liquid Interface Production (or CLIP for short) right here.

Here’s the video:

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