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Car Shoe’s Gentleman’s Driving Collection Moccasins

by Joseph

Gentleman's Driving Collection

If you appreciate the luxury of driving in total style, you might be familiar with Car Shoe. Car Shoe is an Italian company that many consider to be the top producer of driving moccasins in the world. Is there a gentleman in your life who would appreciate four pairs of luxury driving moccasins? If so, then you should consider surprising them with the Gentleman’s Driving Collection from Car Shoe.

In each Gentleman’s Driving Collection gift set, the lucky owner receives four pairs of driving shoes in four different colors: black, brown, dark burgundy, and terracotta. The set also comes with driving gloves and a shoe horn. You’ll feel silly for ever having driven to work wearing regular shoes.

You can check out the entire collection, as well as other driving shoes, at the Car Shoe website, here.

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