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Captain America’s Shield Acquired by Smithsonian Institution

by Joseph
Captain America's Shield

Captain America's Shield

Captain America’s shield is probably the most famous superhero accessory of all time, second perhaps to the Batarang, which doesn’t even really count since those are more or less disposable. So it figures that the folks at the Smithsonian Institution would be interested in adding it to their collection, and Marvel has obliged them with a donation.

This particular Captain America’s shield was created for use in 2016’s Captain America: Civil Warwhich had a total of 45 shields for the course of production. Given that, it probably goes without saying that this shield isn’t as sturdy as the real one, but what the hell.

The downside to the Smithsonian’s acquisition of Captain America’s shield is that the item is not currently on display. So you have to content yourself with the Smithsonian’s Instagram post about the shield right here. And of course, the shield will likely make its way back to Cap eventually — it always does.

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