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Captain America Chopper From ‘Easy Rider’ For Sale

by Joseph
Easy Rider Captain America Chopper

Easy Rider Captain America Chopper

Peter Fonda’s character in Easy Rider, nicknamed “Captain America,” rides an iconic red-white-and-blue motorcycle that has come to be known as the Captain America chopper. Now, 45 years later, one of those motorcycles is now going up for public auction courtesy of Profiles In History.

The Easy Rider Captain America chopper is probably the most famous motorcycle in all of film, and as a result the people at Profiles In History expect it to go for between $1 million and $1.2 million when it hits the auction block on October 18th, as part of the Profiles In History Hollywood Auction. Sweetening the pot are three letters of authenticity from three different sources – Peter Fonda, the bike’s original owner “Grizzly Adams” Haggerty, and the National Motorcycle Museum. Of course, you don’t really need those letters, because one look at the bike and you’ll know you’re in the presence of movie history.

For more information on the Easy Rider Captain America chopper, and lots of other cool stuff (including Captain Nemo’s rifle from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!) going up for auction next month, head over to the Profiles In History website here. And if you don’t have a million bucks handy to acquire the bike for yourself, take solace in the fact that whoever ends up winning it will probably get blown away by rednecks shortly after anyway.

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