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Cantilever: Innovative Mess-Free Utensils

by Joseph


What if the traditional knife, fork, and spoon we’ve all been eating with our entire lives actually weren’t the norm because they were optimally designed? As it turns out, there actually is a better way to design these kitchen staples, as represented by the Cantilever line of flatware, cooking utensils, and even chopsticks.

Cantilever utensils have been adjusted slightly over the traditional utensils you’re used to, chiefly in the realm of the angle between handle and business end as seen in the photo up at the top of the page. The result, purportedly, is cleaner, easier to use, more hygienic, and pretty much everything short of actually making your food taste better.

You can buy your own sets of Cantilever utensils over at the I Love Handles online store right here, where they’re priced starting at $4.95 for the chopsticks, $14.95 for the kitchen utensils, and $24.95 for the flatware (knife, spoon, fork).

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