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Cannaseur One Marijuana Humidor

by Joseph
Cannaseur One

Cannaseur One

If you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed at brands capitalizing on the trend of marijuana decriminalization in the United States with a lot of upscale products related to same, I’ve got some bad news for you: The phenomenon has only just begun. The latest example is the Cannaseur One, a luxury humidor specifically for the storage and maintenance of wacky weed.

Each Cannaseur One is crafted by hand from mahogany and walnut in Germany. Its killer app, though, is the patented two-way air humidifying system it uses to maintain a humidity level of exactly 60 percent within its walls, the perfect level for keeping your stash in proper consistency and flavor. Added benefit: The interior is made from mahogany which has significant odor-absorbing properties.

The Cannaseur One is available in several different varieties, all of which can be shopped at the product’s official site here. The cheapest one is $220, so you may have to start selling a little on the side to keep up (just kidding, federal authorities).

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