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CannaCamp: The First Marijuana Resort in America

by Joseph


Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually. The first ever marijuana vacation resort in the United States has opened to the public, giving guests an almost all-inclusive marijuana vacation experience for the ultimate marijuana fan. It’s CannaCamp, located in Durango, Colorado, and described as a “Bud+Breakfast” resort (get it?).

For $395 a night, guests visiting CannaCamp will get everything but their weed supply, although meals do come with specially curated marijuana pairings (pictured above). Activities are said to be focused on relaxation and wellness, and include stuff like marijuana fusion cooking lessons, “Wake+Bake Breakfast,” “4:20 Community Hour,” and more. It’s like a vacation from the permanent vacation that is the life of the skilled marijuana consumer, albeit one that will probably require you to hang out with a bunch of strangers.

To get more information on CannaCamp, or to book your trip to the 170-acre, nine-cabin vacation facility, you can check out its official site right here.

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