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Cannabis Killer Candle: Neutralize the Scent of Fun

by Joseph
Cannabis Killer Candle

Cannabis Killer Candle

Let’s be honest here: If you smoke enough weed in your house or apartment for the smell of it to permeate the air, there probably aren’t too many people you’d invite over that don’t already know about your habit. But that doesn’t mean you want your apartment to smell like fresh chronic, which is why the Cannabis Killer candle from Beamer Candle Co. might still be a quality investment.

The Cannabis Killer candle is said to emit a “very light scent” that eliminates the smell of weed from the air if it’s lit during smoking. It’s also said to help with other odors too, like food or pet smells, but this candle is specifically formulated to neutralize the distinctive aroma of cannabis sativa.

So if your parents are coming over for the weekend or you’re dating somebody who doesn’t approve of your totally manageable marijuana habit,  you might want to order a $16.99 Cannabis Killer candle from Amazon here. But for God’s sake, don’t forget to tear the label off once you start using it – owning a candle like this probably says more than any amount of weed smell ever could.

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