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Guy Tears Tendon From Playing ‘Candy Crush’ All Day

by Joseph
Candy Crush

Candy Crush

How addictive is Candy Crush? Science has now made one step towards finding an answer, thanks to the brave efforts of a man who played it so much that he tore a tendon in his left hand. And furthermore, he didn’t even feel the pain until the tendon was actually torn, thanks to the “highly pleasurable” sensation of playing the game.

While some might interpret this story as having a simple lesson (don’t play Candy Crush all day for between six and eight weeks), the implications could potentially go much further than that, as it opens up intriguing possibilities regarding the ability of video games to suppress pain – what’s bad for your thumb could be good for your brain, especially if you’re suffering from serious burns or other sources of chronic pain.

This is just one isolated case of hand trauma via Candy Crush, though.  You can read more about his story here. And if you’re currently battling a Candy Crush addiction, please, seek help, or it just might require surgery.

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