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Candle Charger: Emergency Power for Devices (Video)

by Joseph
Candle Charger

Candle Charger

When the power goes out in your home for an extended period, it’s not unusual to light candles for reading, eating, or conversing in the dark. But there’s now a way to get something else from a candle: Energy for your mobile devices via USB, with the new Candle Charger by Team FlameStower.

The Candle Charger uses the heat from a candle combined in some scientific manner with water to generate electricity, enough to charge not just one but two iPhones in a powerless pinch. The water boils in the process, which also gives you a small amount of sterilized water after you’re done using it.

The Candle Charger can be pre-ordered starting at $65 at its Kickstarter page here for the next month, where it’s very close to hitting its fundraising goal. And to see it in action, you can watch a demonstration video of the product for yourself below.

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