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Candide Thovex Skis Without Snow in New Audi Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex

Audi has developed quite a reputation for itself as a producer of cutting-edge advertisements, and their latest joint starring Candide Thovex is another cool addition to the canon. The commercial is for the Audi Q5, but the coolest part is that Thovex is seen shredding down a mountain that’s completely devoid of snow.

I know absolutely nothing about how this commercial was produced, but I would wager that it’s a combination of clever editing and the actually formidable skills of Candide Thovex.  If you stuck, I dunno, Chevy Chase on a pair of skis and told him to get going, this commercial would probably be a lot less impressive (but, perhaps, a little funnier).

Be sure to watch the commercial starring Candide Thovex to the end, since the punchline of the whole thing is a pretty good one. And for more from Audi, just take a look at their official site here.

Here’s the commercial:

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