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Canary: An Entire Home Security System in One Device

by Joseph


Growing up, my parents never had a security system, and as an adult I have never had one. I never stopped to think about our reasons for this, but it probably has a lot to do with the complicated process of installing wires and keypads and other access points all around your house. You don’t have to do that anymore, thanks to Canary, a device that packs an entire security system into a package roughly the size of an old PC.

Canary is equipped with an array of features that will keep watch over your sacred abode while you’re not home, like a 147-degree wide-angle lens over a 1080p high-definition camera, speakers, a siren, and more. Naturally it keeps you updated via smartphone if anything’s going wrong at home, and also has bonus features like air quality monitoring and cloud storage.

Canary’s compact size makes it highly portable, too, which means it might be worth investing in even for renters. You can get more information, or buy yours for just under $250, at the product’s official site right here.

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