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Canadiano Coffee Maker (Video)

by Joseph


Most of the coffee makers we’ve written about on this site are high-tech affairs, with all of the latest gadgets and technologies going into your morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of java. But the Canadiano is very different from the usual 21st century coffee maker.

The Canadiano is about as lo-fi as they come, consisting of a simple block constructed from your choice of Cherry, Walnut, or Maple wood (depending on what kind of coffee you’re making). You simply place the Canadiano over your cup, add two spoons of your desired coffee, and hot water. Between 2 and 4 minutes later, you’ve got an old-fashioned cup of coffee. And interestingly, the Canadiano will start to “remember” each cup of coffee you make, as the beans’ natural oils are absorbed into the wood.

For an embarrassment of riches in information on the Canadiano coffee maker, head to the Canadiano website here. You can also purchase one for yourself, and they’re priced between $60 and $80.

Finally, you can check out a funny commercial for the Canadiano below:

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