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Can Billionaires have Midlife Crisis?

by Kevin Nardone

Tyler Perry has lived the American Dream. He started off as a struggling playwright—and was so successful that he is now one of wealthiest people in the entire entertainment industry.

But for some reason, he seems rather disillusioned with life—and took to social media to announce at 51, he was going through his midlife crisis.

Which led me to wonder—can a billionaire really have a midlife crisis? Have to think that Perry has accomplished everything that he could have ever dreamed of. And when you have that much money, life is pretty simple.

What does he have to be oh so troubled by?

Apparently, a breakup.

I feel for the family—and the kid in particular, but after scrolling through the replies to Perry’s tweet it is clear what this cry for attention was all about.

Tyler Perry making the least subtle attempt at announcing he was open for business of all time. Respect the hustle, but Tyler, you are a billionaire and you are going to filter through the reply women of twitter for a rebound?

Actually—maybe you are going through a midlife crisis…

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