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‘Campfire Creepers’: A VR Horror Series Starring Robert Englund (Trailer)

by Joseph
Campfire Creepers

Campfire Creepers

Tim Heidecker recently demonstrated that the future of movies is in virtually real technology on his On Cinema movie review web series. So it figures that horror director Alexandre Aja would be close behind bringing his genre specialty to VR for an upcoming series entitled Campfire Creepers. Here’s Aja in a press statement on the project:

Long before written language, cinema or television, there were campfire stories. And a group of youth scaring the living bejeezus out of each other on dark nights at summer camp is a tradition as rich and eternal as our own nightmares. I wanted to bring this age-old pastime to life in a way that has never been done before – through stereoscopic 360-degree Virtual Reality. This was my chance to play in the deeply nostalgic space of late ’70s and ’80s horror anthology classics, while also engaging with a new filmmaking medium that is still thrillingly open to innovation. My goal was to craft a rollercoaster ride of twists and scares that will have you jumping back in fright – and then laughing at yourself once you’ve taken the headset off.”

The challenge of telling horror stories in the virtual reality format is simple: Screen horror is all about telling the audience where to look, and virtual reality lets users look wherever they feel like. But presumably Aja has this figured out for Campfire Creepers. Helping him out if Robert “Freddy” Englund, who you can see ham it up in the trailer for the series below:

Campfire Creepers will be available on the Dark Corners VR app on April 21st. Check it out here for more info — IF YOU DARE.



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