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Camp Champ Portable Outdoor Kitchen

by Joseph
Camp Champ

Camp Champ

Outdoor cooking and grilling are generally thought of as requiring less ingredients and less finesse than foods you’d whip up in a fully stocked kitchen, but perhaps that point of view is too limited. It certainly doesn’t take into account the Camp Champ, a portable outdoor kitchen that packs almost everything you might need to make delicious food in one mobile unit.

Like one of those collapsible medicine man displays from Pete’s Dragon, the Camp Champ has space for a full spice rack, dishes, a percolator, and much more folded within its cabinet. The whole thing is watertight, which means the elements will be much less of a problem than its 154-pound weight – and that depends on what you keep inside it.

But despite the weight (and the expensive price tag of over six grand), you might want to get some more information on the Camp Champ mobile kitchen over at the product’s official site right here, where you can also place your order now.

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