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Camouflage Sunglasses From Bally

by Joseph

Bally Camouflage Sunglasses

Swiss brand Bally is mostly known for making shoes, but they’ve been breaking into the eyewear department as of late. One of their latest offerings (and a highlight of their entire eyewar collection) are these camouflage sunglasses.

Camouflage is a trendy color to put on almost anything, but camouflage sunglasses are a relative novelty. And they look good, too, combining retro-style frames with brown lenses, and a camouflage and tortoiseshell exterior. All in all, it’s a good pair of sunglasses whether you just want to look cool, or if you’re planning on some delicate reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but keep your eyes on Bally’s website here for more info as it arrives.


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