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Camera Restricta Prevents Users From Taking Overdone Photos

by Joseph
Camera Restricta

Camera Restricta

With more photos being taken now than at any other point in human history, photographic originality is at an all-time low. German inventor Phillip Schmitt has found a characteristically German solution to the problem: Prevent photographers from taking unoriginal photos by force, with the Camera Restricta.

Camera Restricta is a camera that syncs up with the user’s smartphone and searches for other photos that are tagged in the same place. If too many other photogs have made it to that spot before you, the camera won’t take a photo – you’re instantly on your way to enhanced creativity. Of course, Schmitt is reportedly aware of more problematic applications for the technology he’s developed: “It could be used to ‘blacklist’ certain subjects in accordance with copyright laws.” Perhaps it’s a good thing it’s only in the concept stage for now.

You can see a video introducing the Camera Restricta below. And for more on the device, check out its listing on Schmitt’s portfolio right here.

Here’s the video:


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