Home Entertainment ‘California Typewriter’: Doc About Modern Typewriter Culture (Trailer)

‘California Typewriter’: Doc About Modern Typewriter Culture (Trailer)

by Joseph
California Typewriter

California Typewriter

You might not have known this, but actor Tom Hanks and singer-songwriter John Mayer are both typewriter collectors. I’m passing this on not as a personal friend to either of them, but as someone who just saw the trailer for California Typewriter, an upcoming documentary about the subculture of people who love typewriters.

Embracing the typewriter in 2017 is a conscious rejection of digital overload, virtual reality, social media, the internet, and everything else that helped kill off the typewriter as a mainstream writing tool. Hanks and Mayer are both interviewed in California Typewriter, as well as a few other famous faces that are part of the fraternity of typewriter lovers, plus a man who even maintains a typewriter shop in the 21st century.

Check out the trailer for California Typewriter below, provided you haven’t already chucked your computer and/or smartphone out the window. The movie comes out on August 19th, and you can pre-order it on iTunes right here.

Here’s the trailer:


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