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California Couple Finds $10 Million in Gold Coins

by Joseph
gold coin cups

gold coin cups

Warning: Reading this story will possibly render you unable to ignore trash you see on the side of the road. That’s because one California couple, walking on their Sierra Nevada property, found some gold coins in old rusty cans that turned out to be worth around $10 million!

The couple, who understandably wish to remain anonymous, say that they have been walking around the same spot for years, but somehow they managed to dig up the buried treasure and now have $10 million more to their names—which are still a secret, by the way.

As for the coins themselves, many of them were minted back in the mid-to-late 19th century in San Francisco, and are said to be worth about $28,000 each. Then there’s the crown jewel of the collection, an 1866-S No Motto Double Eagle valued at an estimated $1 million. You can read more about the story in the original article here. But don’t say I didn’t warn you after you find yourself digging holes all over your backyard.

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