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Calendar Watch: Your Daily Calendar on Your Wrist

by Joseph
Calendar Watch

Calendar Watch

The term “smartwatch” tends to convey a couple of different, not-necessarily-true things: For one, there’s the idea that a smartwatch has to be a clunky, fashionably appalling piece of hardware strapped to your wrist, which has already been thoroughly disproved. The other is that a smartwatch has to do a bunch of arguably superfluous things in order to be truly “smart,” a notion which the Calendar Watch puts to rest.

Designed under the principle that the most important things you look at your watch for involve day-to-day time, the Calendar Watch uses its e-ink display to sync up with your daily calendar to show you not just the time of day, but how long you have to get to your next appointment. The watch still has an old-fashioned mechanical movement, though, as well as a vibration motor for push notifications.

Pre-orders on the Calendar Watch start at $265 at the item’s Kickstarter page right here, where the watch has already surpassed its initial fundraising goal with three more weeks of crowdfunding left to go.

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