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Cakewalk: The Humorous Shame-Based Fitness App

by Joseph


Everyone knows, but few are willing to admit, the irresistible power of shame in influencing our behavior. Why not use some of that power for something good for a change? Cakewalk is a new fitness app that lets you do just that, if you can take it.

Cakewalk works much like a normal fitness app, focusing on low-impact walking by counting your steps throughout the day, but with a crucial twist: If you don’t hit at least half of your “step goal” for the day, the app places a challenge over the next 24 hours.  If you don’t meet it, the app starts publicly shaming you on social media.

It’s not an app for fitness nuts or the perpetually embarrassed, but Cakewalk may be a good way to motivate those with the dreaded “sedentary lifestyle” to get up and walk a little more often, which is a good way of offsetting hours of stationary time at work and at home. You can get more info at the app’s site right here.

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