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C SEED 262: The Largest Widescreen TV in the World

by Joseph
C SEED 262

C SEED 262

HDTVs and their ultra-HD offspring are probably going to keep getting bigger and bigger, but right now it’s C SEED Entertainment Systems that holds the title of biggest in the world with their new C SEED 262. This TV may very well be too big to fit in your living room, measuring in at more than 20 x 8 feet. It’s a little much, honestly.

The C SEED 262 follows in the footsteps of C SEED’s earlier C SEED 201, a massive outdoor TV that recesses underground when it isn’t being watched (a relatable condition, if nothing else). It has a 4K LED screen equipped with various high-tech features, including an adjustable brightness function to optimize image quality depending on the time of day. There’s even a motor-controlled fabric cover that can automatically cover the screen when you’re not using it – shades of the C SEED 201.

Now, for the bad news: A C SEED 262 will cost you a staggering $549,000, and that doesn’t even include installation. For more info, head over to the C SEED site right here.

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