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C SEED 201 Outdoor LED TV By Porsche Design

by Joseph

C SEED 201 Outdoor LED TV By Porsche Design

The Porsche Design Studio have designed what may very well be the largest TV in the world.

The C SEED 201 is named for its 201-inch screen that is specifically designed for outdoor viewing. It takes 40 seconds for the huge screen to unfold, and once it does, you and a group of friends are in for an experience that involves some high-quality, unobstructed, outdoor viewing (or indoor, I guess, if you have a big enough room for it). Here’s part of the press release:

“Conceived as the “seed” of future outdoor entertainment, this soaring monolith topped by a 201 inch screen represents a radical advance in open-air viewing… seven silently unfolding panels interlock to form a seamless screen that comes alive with ultra-high-resolution-images in 4.4 trillion radiant colors. Push a button and the choice is yours: HDTV, Blu-ray movies, sporting events, or golf on a gaming console.”

The seed of future outdoor entertainment is understandably limited in quantity right now, but if you’re going to be in Vienna in the near future, you can see it on display there.


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