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C.E 2014 Spring/Summer Collection (Video)

by Joseph
C.E Spring/Summer 2014 Video

C.E Spring/Summer 2014 Video

Japanese fashion label C.E is coming out with a new collection of styles for the spring and summer season of 2014. And to promote their spring/summer 2014 collection, they’ve come out with a video featuring electronic musician Actress.

As for the C.E spring/summer 2014 collection itself, it’s the product of designer SK8THING, and continues the brand’s traditional emphasis on bold prints and lots of colors. The video is directed by Rollo Jackson and Ben Drury, and shows Actress (who also contributed some music to the production) roaming through a series of white rooms with various images projected on the walls.

You can check out the C.E spring/summer 2014 collection video featuring Actress for yourself below. And if it (or the clothes seen in it) gives you an itchy shopping finger, you can take a look at the C.E online store here, where the entire collection is available for purchase right now.

Here’s the video:

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