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Byredo Travel Knife: Knife Around in Opulence

by Joseph
Byredo Travel Knife

Byredo Travel Knife

Ben Gorham’s Byredo company previously specialized in things like perfume or scented candles, but the brand has released a new travel collection that places a much higher premium on functionality and usefulness, and one of the highlights is the Byredo Travel Knife.

The Byredo Travel Knife is different from a typical folding knife in ways that are both immediately apparent and a little more obscure. The gold core places the knife on a higher level of luxury than is usually aimed for in a knife, but the blade is sharp enough to cut just like a more purely utilitarian one — a true best of both worlds scenario.

Here’s Gorham himself on the collection:

“It was interesting and challenging developing these products as I knew nothing about leather goods when I started, a situation which was very similar to me with fragrance back in 2006. There is something free about creation in its naïve stage that has become a part of BYREDO’s perspective.”

Pricing information on the Byredo Travel Knife is available upon request at the official Byredo online store right here, where you can also check out a lot more cool stuff you probably can’t afford from the brand.

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