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You Can Buy a Real Velociraptor Claw for $12,500

by Joseph
Velociraptor Claw

Velociraptor Claw

With Jurassic World‘s record-setting opening weekend and the Rolling Stones touring again, dinosaurs are so hot right now. Which is why you might be interested to know that a real, fossilized Velociraptor claw is currently listed for sale at the Astro Gallery of Gems – where it’s priced at just $12,500.

This Velociraptor claw is between 71 and 75 million years old, originating from the Cretaceous period. It was found in what is now Mongolia, China, and to my inexpert eyes anyway it appears to be visually intact and recognizable as a raptor claw even to your dino-ignorant house guests.

Possible uses for this Velociraptor claw might include the following: can or bottle opener, conversation starter, long-sleeve practical joke implement, and novel murder weapon.

To place your order, or to schedule an in-person viewing at the gallery in New York City, head over to the claw’s listing at the Astro Gallery of Gems’ official site right here.

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