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Buster + Punch Light Switches

by Joseph
Buster + Punch Light Switches

Buster + Punch Light Switches

Light switches might be the most boring thing in the world. If you think about it, it’s actually kind of impressive how the powers that be somehow managed to achieve such an incredible level of standardization in the field of lighting, to the point where pretty much all light switches are the same.  Often, the most excitement you can hope for is seeing one with the usual “up = on, down = off” formulation reversed when you watch an old James Bond movie or something.

But Buster + Punch has come out with a line of light switches that are much cooler than the standard issue switch. First of all, they’re dimmers, so you get a little bit of extra control over your lights. But more importantly, they look great, constructed from materials such as diamond-cut Marine-grade steel.

Buster + Punch ‘s light switches come in a variety of different color combinations and materials, all of which can be checked out at the Buster + Punch online store here, priced at around $50.

(via Uncrate)

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