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Bushmills x Lowden Guitars Made from Whiskey Barrels (Video)

by Joseph
Bushmills x Lowden Guitars

Bushmills x Lowden Guitars

I don’t know if this is symptomatic of late capitalism or what, but there definitely seems to be an obsession with using whiskey barrels to do things other than age whiskey as of late. The freshest example is a collaborative project between Lowden Guitars and Bushmills Irish Whiskey: Bushmills x Lowden guitars.

Bushmills x Lowden guitars are limited edition F-50 guitars crafted from authentic Bushmills whiskey barrels. That means ancient bog oak and reclaimed sinker redwood are have been used to make every component of the guitar – except the strings. It’s the end result of hundreds of years of mastery of the crafts of both guitarmaking and whiskey, meant as a tribute to “those who pass their craft and legacy to the next generation.”

No word yet on how much one of these barrel-aged axes will set you back, but you can get more information and sign on to get further updates on Bushmills x Lowden guitars right here.

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