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Burton x ‘South Park’ Winter Gear

by Joseph
Burton x South Park

Burton x South Park

It’s been a while since I was a regular South Park viewer, but my impression is that the sleepy little mountain town is not exactly the most inviting cartoon realm ever to exist. Nevertheless, there are probably a lot of fans out there who wish they could step through that impenetrable threshold, and now the Burton x South Park winter 2016 collection is here to help them try.

The crown jewel (or should I say, crown hood) of the Burton x South Park collection is the quartet of winter headgear meticulously designed to match the ones worn by the show’s four main characters—even the dialogue-muffling hood favored by Kenny. The collection also includes “Mr. Hankie party socks,” a Butters patch, and even a few South Park branded snowboards, with which you’re (hopefully) gonna have a good time.

You can browse the Burton x South Park collection at the official Burton online store right here.

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