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Burritobox: A Burrito Vending Machine

by Joseph


Let me paint a little picture for you: You’re in front of your favorite Redbox location trying to decide on the night’s movie. But you feel a hunger, a craving really, deep inside, for a piping hot burrito. Now imagine a future in which standing right next to the Redbox is a Burritobox, a vending machine that operates under a similar principle but dispenses burritos instead of DVDs and Blu-rays (and thankfully, you don’t have to return the burrito after you’re done with it). That future is on its way, thanks to Burritobox.

Burritobox users select one of six varieties of burrito as well as their choice of sauce on the machine’s touchscreen. Then, as a short commercial plays on the screen, a burrito is made and is dispensed less than a minute later. Burritobox is part of a burgeoning trend of fully automated fast-food vendors, and it’s currently only operational in two Santa Monica locations.  But if this idea does take off, you can expect to see it in gas stations and convenience stores across the US.

For more on Burritobox, take a look at its website here. And expect your dreams tonight to be more burrito-centric than usual.

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