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Burnt Letter Opener by Jonathan Dorthe

by Joseph
Burnt Letter Opener

Burnt Letter Opener

Snail mail isn’t as commonplace as it used to be, but unless you’re one of the few people who have managed to go completely paperless it’s still a good idea to have a trusty letter opener around. Etsy shop owner Jonathan Dorthe has a nice handmade one called the Burnt Letter Opener.

The Burnt Letter Opener gets its name because of the Japanese wood-charring technique that gives it its unique dark finish as well as an added strength to the wood. After the charring, the blade is sanded down to its natural color as seen above, sharp enough to open mail but unlikely to hurt anyone by accident.

If you’re ready to start slicing envelopes and breaking hearts, or at least slicing envelopes, head over to Dorthe’s Etsy store here, where the Burnt Letter Opener is priced at just around $31 American. Not bad for a handmade item, especially one as potentially useful as this one.

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