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Burn Rubber x New Balance 574 “The Miggy” Sneakers

by Joseph
The Miggy
The MiggyThe MiggyThe MiggyThe Miggy


Detroit sneaker retailer Burn Rubber and New Balance have teamed up for a New Balance 574 sneaker in honor of Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers.

The sneaker, known as “The Miggy,” sports a three-crown insignia over the tongue, in honor of Cabrera’s 2012 Triple Crown win. Even more detailed is the tongue’s inside, which has all of Cabrera’s 2012 stats printed on it. Elsewhere on the shoe is a tasteful navy upper with orange accents – all in all, it’s a pretty cool sneaker, especially if you’re a Tigers fan.

The New Balance 574 “The Miggy” will be available in a limited edition of only 44 pairs, one for each of Miguel Cabrera’s 44 home runs last year. And the shoe will only be available from Burn Rubber’s Detroit location starting on Monday, April 8th, which just so happens to be the same day as the Tigers’ 2013 home opener.  If that’s a little out of your way, you can see a few pics in the above gallery.

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