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Keep Intruders At Bay With The Burglar Blaster

by Joseph
Burglar Blaster

Burglar Blaster

If you’re like me, you misread the headline as saying “Burger Blaster,” and it is my duty to tell you that this is not a device that fires hamburgers out of a cannon at high velocity. Instead, the Burglar Blaster is a novel alternative to an elaborate home security system that detects intruders in your home and saturates the surrounding area with pepper spray.  It’s a sure way to clear the area of anyone not wearing a gas mask.

That surrounding area can be up to 2,000 square feet, which means it’s likely sufficient for any of your home defense needs. But if it isn’t, you can upgrade the Burglar Blaster to the Decintegrator, which blasts out six times more pepper spray.

To buy one for your home, head to the Burglar Blaster’s website herewhere it goes for $600.

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