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Bump: A Phone Charger, and a Phone Battery

by Joseph


By this time it would be redundant to go into detail on how dissatisfied most people are with their smartphone battery performance—the fact that there are myriad products out there to help you overcome your battery gap is illustration enough. But one of the more novel is Bump, a new device that’s both a phone charger and a battery that can juice up your phone on the go.

At home, Bump can be used as a standard phone charger, but unlike a typical charger you have a reason to take it with you when you leave. Once you do, you’ll have a portable battery pack that can give your device as much as 150% more battery life – and it comes in four different colors.

Bump is compatible with any USB device, and you can get more information on the product at its official site here, where you can also order yours priced at $65 on the dot.

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